The queerest fantasy… Heirs of the Veily

Status: ongoing

Authors: Phineas and Jasper Klier

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There’s a cold wind blowing through the city, and it’s bad news…

There’s a new witch in town! Vicky came to Port Arbores fresh from Amsterdam, looking for a mysterious Sinclair person. But they’re not easy to reach, way less than the myriad of monsters and ghosts roaming the city. While fighting one, she ends up in the care of Cortez, the local Strayer. But there’s a cold threat looming over them both…

I was pretty blown away by the graphic quality of this comic, as most people reading it said in the comments. From the very start, it grips you with some highly detailed and very realistic backgrounds, yet they stay fitting for the overall style of the comic. The color work is bright and saturated, but it doesn’t take away from the ambiance and the translation of mood in the images. The paneling is greatly done and easy to read, and I’d like to point out the character design, who is really well thought of and interesting to see; each character is easy to identify and recognize. The only thing I think could be improved is the characters, that could use a bit more dynamism, but it really doesn’t hinder form the pleasure of reading. It’s easily forgettable with the abundance of details and quality in objects and monster design.

We get thrown right away into the magical city of Port Arbores . Vicky is a witch apprentice, fresh out of Amsterdam, and she has a goal; finding Amaranth Sinclair, a highly powerful and regarded figure in this city. With her is her loyal cat familiar Icarus, bewitched to take her where she needs to be at all time. And this peculiar cat brings her right into the archives of the city, and right into the office of Cortez, the town’s Strayer (he’s in charge of big magical stuff). He accepts to help her, and attempts to bring her to Sinclair, his boss. But things don’t go as planned…

Heirs of the Veil is a highly complex comic, from what you can guess with the first few chapters we have. We get thrown right into the action, with our clueless protagonist, and learn about this world alongside her. There is humans in this world, but also vampires, faes, dryiads, ghosts… It’s a whole universe full of lore, and it’s highly interesting to read. You easily get sucked in, going through the rapid pace of action and information thrown at you, and I ended up bingeing the whole thing without realizing it. Big gold star to this comic for also being so incredibly diverse and queer. Not spoiling, but if you were looking for a comic with trans characters, you’ve found a great one.

For being a quick read with only a few chapters available, Heirs of the Veil is not uninteresting at all; it’s packed full of lore and information that’ll make you hungry for more. Within a highly fantastic and magical realm, it’s a joy to follow such diverse characters, a real treat for the eyes. So please check it out! You won’t regret it.

Will I keep reading: heck yes.

Would I recommend: highly, for lovers of fantasy and readers of anything queer.

Where to find the authors:

Twitter: @phineas_klier



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