The Circus of Life: Gemini Journey

Status: ongoing

Authors: Tracy MacLaughlan (Saetje) and Yesenia Carrero

Read on Webtoon

When life gets hard its easy to get sucked in the magical, easy world of a circus…

Gemini just became an adult. She moved to the big city, hoping to make her mark and become independent. But it’s hard finding a job with no experience in this magical world, and her savings are dwindling. Her friend and roommate, Veil, tries to help her as he can, but he cannot save her from the luring, sweet melody of a circus that passed through town…

I absolutely adore the art style of this comic. It’s extremely cartooney, without being so much that it becomes heard to read. The color work is awesome, with some very vibrant, saturated and warm colors. The ambiance is really well rendered, and it makes it so believable. The style is almost lineless and had very subtle backgrounds, simplified often, the main focus being on the characters. GJ is in your classic webtoon format, with panels laid out vertically for you to scroll down and read. Weirdly, it looks to me as very story boardy, if that makes sense; from the composition to the paneling, it almost looks like a storyboard for a short animated film. And i have to say, I would love to see an animated film in that style. Overall, this is a little gem and a treat for the eyes.

Gemini is your everyday overgrown teenager, just turned adult, who takes her chance in the big city, and struggles, as expected. Too many of us can relate to the hustle and desperation that can come with job hunting, and not finding anything that fits, or where you fit. But Gemini has a good friend, Veil, who she lives with, and he doesn’t back down one second from pushing her and helping her trying to achieve her dreams. But he gets just a little too pushy. Defeated, Gemini bails on him, and follows the sweet melody she hears down an alley, to a strange circus…

While the premise of this comic is a bit overdone, it quickly turns into something much more interesting. We get sucked alongside Gemini into the strange and colorful world of a circus, hiding a dark secret, and follow along her journey realizing that she might be trapped into this fake paradise. We are in a magical world, and I hope we learn more about he lore of their world as the comic progresses. The story holds itself pretty well and it surely will make you want more as you scroll down the pages. It also has a nice little side of romance, not badly done at all, which I liked.

Being a very quick read with only 46 episodes, Gemini journey is the perfect read for the afternoon tea time. It’s magical, bright, and has great page turners, leaving you wondering what will happen next. So garb some biscuits, get comfy, and let yourself be sucked in this magical world.

Would I recommend: greatly, for the lovers of magical fantasy.

Will I keep reading: for sure!

Where to find the authors:

Twitter: @saetje @demongemini6

Instagram: @saetje @demongemini6

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