Who let the dog out? But I’m a Cat Person

Status: 30 chapters, finished

Author: Erin Ptah

Read at: https://www.bicatperson.com

You can be a cat person. But when a puppy follows you home, and turns out to be a powerful, supernatural Being, you don’t get much choice…

Sparrow is an adult. Not a kid, not a student anymore, a full grown adult. She lives with her roommate, Bianca, has a job, and lives a pretty normal life, to be fair. One day, she runs into a puppy. It looks innocent enough, but she’s a cat person, so, no, you’re not coming home little buddy. Until… the puppy gets home before her. And as it turns out, it’s not really a puppy…

Along the vein of Kagerou, this comic gives you a nice little snippet of what comics used to look like a while back, and that makes my heart warm as this is exactly what i used to read as a middle schooler. The art style is old school, heavily manga inspired with those little chibis that we all know, and a fun mix of greyscale and colors. But don’t get yourself worked up about the old vibes it gives; it’s really well rendered, with a old consistency in the art, and easily recognizable characters, making it easy to read. The backgrounds are minimalists and only appear when needed, but they go well with the overall graphic quality of the comic. I also enjoyed the little character sheets at the beginning of each chapters, it gives you a good idea of who you’ll meet in the coming pages.

Sparrow and Bianca live in a world close to ours. They live in the US, and the state of it is the same as it’s always been; politician fighting over immigrants and such. But their world has a special component: there is creatures, called “Beings”. These Beings are shapeshifters, who can alternate between an animal and human form. Most of them fight each other in a TV show called “The Game”, for humans’ entertainment. They are bound to their Masters, to whom they obey and follow every rule.

Bianca, finding the puppy that followed Sparrow home, discovers that it is, in fact, a Being, who seems to have somehow escaped The Game and his Master. His past is shrouded in mystery, and there is dark figures following him…

BICP has a very interesting premise. It’s a classic fantasy plot, but you can feel just how much it was thought through. Just from the first three chapters, you see a whole political side unfold (are Beings humans? Animals? Are they even alive?), and the lore of this story is overall very well written. It’s thought out, well crafted, and a very interesting read. Also, this comic is super queer, so it gets a gold star from my part.

BICP is a long read, with over 30 chapters spanning over 9 years of upload. I didn’t expect to get so into it, and I think this is the comic for you if you enjoy “realistic” fantasy and a well crafted lore, as well as a good old comic from the early days of webcomics. Check it out!

Would I recommend: for the lovers of lore, fantasy and political intrigue.

Will I keep reading: if I get an afternoon free, I’ll happily binge it!

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