A dark and twisted tale: The Sisters

Status: ongoing

Authors: Peter Violini and Brian L Richmond

Read on Tapas

In a world full of monsters, it’s not easy being three magical sisters…

Erin, Beatrice and Jam are three sisters, living in Quincy, MA; but they’re not your usual bunch. The have to deal with the constant stream of monsters and calamities surrounding their town, and as magic users, well, who else is going to? Even more when Jam, the youngest, seems to attract them by swarms. She’s going to have to learn how to control her powers, and join the family business…

This comic art style is a wild ride. First chapter, all in bright bichromia, with an excellent sense of lighting and mood; perfect for the opening drama. Then, it gets a bit more usual, with local colors. The art itself is a treat, so peculiar its hard to describe: it has that old cartooney vibe, with sharp angles, straight lines, and overall very angular. I love how simplified small characters look in the backgrounds, and talking about backgrounds, they are simple and effective, blending well with the characters. The composition and paneling of each page is super fun and well thought out, and you’ll want to spend a few moments on each page to just see how it all works together. Points for the very cool monster designs. The art style seems to have taken a turn in more recent updates, becoming more gritty, and back to bichromia, sometimes even really cool monotones. Overall, just for the graphic quality, this is already a great comic.

In The Sisters, you get right in the action from the first few pages. Three sisters, living together without their parents. There’s Erin, the oldest and wiser one , Beatrice, the fun and quirky middle child, and Jam, the youngest and most rebellious. Jam seems to attract monsters due to her magical potential, and we get our first fight against Mothman in the first chapter. After that, the two oldest sisters decide Jam needs help controlling her powers, and look for a suitable coach at an AA meeting for magic users.

I really liked the pacing of the story, from the few chapters that I’ve read. It’s pretty slow, but that allows for more character interactions and development, and we really get to know the sisters’ personalities and other important secondary characters. The story seems to take a very dark turn as it progresses, and the more recent updates that I skimmed through really made me want to keep reading. This story has a lot of potential, and it’s well written overall, making it so easy to read and dive in.

The Sisters is a little gem I’m so happy I found. It’s gritty, funny, and doesn’t shy away from dark topics and very crude humor. It was started back in 2015, and is still going, so prepare for a very long read and a story you’ll be sucked in. If you love slice of life and dark magical fantasy, this is the comic for you.

Would I recommend: for the lovers of fantasy who aren’t afraid to go darker.

Will I keep reading: yes! I want to see where this is going and how the art style evolved so much =)

Find the authors at:

Twitter: @goatmansgoblet


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