Careful with hitchhikers: Seemingly Dark

Author: @raptorjules

Status: 3 chapters – ongoing

To find on Webtoon:

Miguel finds a hitchhiker on the side of a creepy road. Bright red hair, beat up, scared shitless, he refuses to say anything until they’re back in town. Mick gives the boy an address and his pocket knife, just in case. But when later that night, that same hitchhiker comes into Mick’s step-sister’s coffee shop all bloody, things take a turn for the weirder…

I found Seemingly Dark’s art style really cool from the start. Very comicy without going too far in the cartoony, something you’d find easily in a good graphic novel at your local bookshop. The color treatment is original and works very well, all in shades of blue with pink spots and the rare golden yellow. This type of duotone works really well with the overall mood of the story, blue for the melancholy, pink for happier highlights, etc. I must say i am also very impressed with the cars in the comic; extremely well done and working really well with the style.

The main critique on the art style is one that can be made to many comics, and resides in the camera work. Often the characters are seen from the same point of view panel to panel, from the waist down, without much variation of panel size. This can seem repetitive but a few big panels, fully colored, give the comic much needed air in the composition.

The story is the big interest of the comic, with some very good page turners. Once you’ve met the mysterious young boy affectionately named Apollo, you can’t help but want to know what’s going to happen to him; and what exactly does his dark wolf companion, Ragnarok, wants… All the characters are appealing, and we’re given much time to know them and get attached to them, from the golden-hearted Maddie, owner of the coolest coffee shop, to the monster teenager Rose, dealing with newly appeared horns… As a queer person myself I couldn’t help but appreciate the presence of a queer character in the person of Miguel, and love him even more as we understand his story and the hardships he’s gone through. Prepare for tissues.

I personally cannot wait to know more about all of those characters, see if Apollo finally disobeys Ragnarok to find some help in people he could finally trust… Future will tell.

Seemingly Dark is a quick read that leaves you waiting for more while entertaining your eyes with its unique art style. Recommended for lovers of mystery, supernatural and touching stories of close-knit family units.

Would I recommend: in a heartbeat!

Will I keep reading: Yes! I subscribed!

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